2013-11-29 17:58:11

Tinyedit, a simple WYSIWYG jQuery plugin with Rangy


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I was looking for a simple text editor with some basic functionality but the only reliable things that I've found were tinymce and CKeditor, and they are quite heavy. So I've decided to make something myself. Working with ranges in different browsers is a huge pain, so that's where Rangy library comes in handy. It's my first jQuery plugin, so don't start kicking me right away.

Some basic funcitonality is achieved via native execCommand because it toggles beween bold/italic/underline in a much more effitient way and works pretty straightforward in most of the browsers. All the other styling is done via new elements being injected by Rangy. Range saving/restoring/selection is also handled by this great library.

Please take a look at the demo here and feel free to download, edit and redistribute as you wish.

2 responses to "Tinyedit, a simple WYSIWYG jQuery plugin with Rangy"

André Pais

2014-10-30 17:21:35

I've been having some issues with Rangy lib, but your source code helped me out a lot :D Thanks and keep up the good work! I hope you don't mind that I re-use your code in my university project. Nice website btw. Cheers, André

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2018-12-25 05:04:05

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