Nikolai Danylchyk

Software Developer

Hello! My name is Nikolai Danylchyk and this is my personal website.
You will be able to find some stuff that I have done along last couple of years and also contact me.

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My name is Nikolai Danylchyk and I'm 30 years old. I have studied Computer Engineering in Coimbra (bacherols's) and Open Information Systems in Moscow, Russia (master's).

At the moment I work for Shoop.de (Maple Syrup Group) as a Head of Development. Before I worked for Rocket Internet SE as a technical team lead for several multinational projects, Project-A Ventures as a senior developer and was a CTO of DUE S.A., a Portuguese I.T. firm behind 2easyweb/Pagina na Hora project. For the last 10 years I have been working mostly with PHP and latetly with Golang. I have vast experience in building large scalable applications.

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I have a huge passion for 3D graphics: game engine development, special effects, realtime rendering and so on. Actually my career in programming has started because I wanted to learn how to create games since very early age. It helped me learn a lot about structured programming.

Now I feel quite comfortable programming in C, Java, PHP and Javascript. I just wish I could have more time to spend in GFX department.

Lately I have been developing some personal side-projects based on STM32 controllers related to automation and communication between devices and sensors.

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